Craig Nicholas Kitchen – Senior Associate


Craig is a United States Airforce Academy graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering as well as an MBA from the University of Northern Colorado. Craig has 30+ years of senior management and business development experience within Aerospace/Aviation OEM sectors to include aftermarket support. Some of his more prominent positions include:

MD Helicopters, Inc. where he held the position(s) of Chief Operating Officer & Chief Commercial Officer. During his tenure at MD he reorganized commercial business to achieve 45% growth in revenue with a corresponding increase in EBITDA. As the COO he and his team were responsible for new sales group accomplishments to include Increased production from 23 helicopters certified in 07 to 52 certified in 08, sales revenue increase from $105M in 07 to $195m in 08, EBIDTA improved from -$17M to +$18M, and aircraft production backlog increased to 75 ships for 09.


Millennium Energy Group (MEG). Craig as the Chairman & CEO launched this startup company as an advanced lead acid battery manufacturer for storage of utility grade energy produced from solar, wind and grid sources as well as applications for transportation in automotive, marine, and military combat vehicles. He raised $5million in funding for development and launch of the advanced Battery Management System and spearheaded the submission of industry leading patents. He led the divestiture of MEG to an advanced energy technologies group.

Horizon MC Group. As the President, CEO and senior executive leader for this private equity group, took control of Global Energy Group Inc. and restructured the company's manufacturing to reduce cost and position company to sell its advanced energy saving technology. Signed agreement in Changhong Peoples Republic of China for manufacturing and representation in Asia. Developed and executed global strategy for the energy group. Redirected its resources into a profitable mode of operation. Assumed control of the Private equity group Battery business and restructured its strategic plan to execute manufacturing and develop new revenue streams. Recently negotiated purchase orders for 1.2M Batteries with contract value of $150M. Established manufacturing in US and Peoples Republic of China.

Allied Signal - Turbine Engine Co. As the Senior Vice President, Light Helicopters Division, a joint venture between Allison Gas Turbine and Allied Signal Engines, Craig was responsible for the leadership of the T-800 helicopter engine development for the United States Army AH-66 Comanche Attack Helicopter. Managed $406M development budget and directed efforts for the transition of a commercial derivative. Directed international partnership development with Agusta, Westland, and Samsung. Directed international marketing efforts and the company campaign to preserve the Army’s engine development budget on Capitol Hill.


Lastly, Craig is a hands on guy who works closely with his team achieving consistent positive results. His can do attitude is obvious and is reflected by his achievement detailed above. His community involvement with Arizona State University, the Governor’s Council on Innovation and Technology for the State of California and member of the Chamber of Commerce Aviation and Airport (Falcon Field) Advisory board, illustrates his passion for service to the community.














                                  Shawn Coyle - Senior Associate


Shawn is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada and the Empire Test Pilot School, Boscombe Down, UK. Shawn has over 40 years of experience focusing on the hard sciences of Aerospace/Aviation to include positions as test pilot, flight test engineer and flight educator. The author of numerous books about helicopters his books have found their way not only to pilots but aviation institutions of higher learning such as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Institute. Shawn has been and still is called upon by numerous organizations as a lecturer about helicopter aerodynamics, flight training, simulator training and lastly Helicopter Safety.


Career Highlights


Director Training, Marinvent Corporation / Flight Test Center of Excellence, St. Bruno, Quebec


A Flight Test Center of Excellence that provides training on flight test of aircraft and avionics systems. Courses have been run for Canadian Forces, Ecole de Technologie Superiere (ETS Montreal), GOSNiASS (Russian Avionics Research Institute) and under contract to provide training for Bombardier Flight Test personnel.

Provided marketing assistance to Marinvent Corporation and managed the Airfoil Performance Monitor (a device to show stall margin on contaminated airfoils), Deep Space Hunter, (software to assist in sensor fusion) and Reticule Tracking (software to improve situational awareness for gimbal-based sensors).


Aeroserve Technologies, Ottawa, Canada

Shawn is the founder of Aeroserve Technologies, manufacturer of Airtabs, a vortex generator reducing aerodynamic drag on vehicles. Over 2 million have been sold and saved 3 million gallons of fuel.


Helicopter Seminars (through Eagle Eye Solutions LLC)

Seminars (1 day to 1 week) on advanced helicopter theory and practice. Provided seminars to Airborne Law Enforcement Association, Helicopter Association International (2009-14), Canadian military and Transport Canada, CHC Safety Summit (2009-14).


Director of Certification, Aerosimulators Limited (Belgium and USA)

Responsible for obtaining flight data and preparing reports for certification of Aerosimulators’ line of low-cost helicopter simulators in Spain, UK. Provided first approval of Microsoft Flight Simulator by European authorities. Wrote numerous proposals.


Director of Flight Operations – Agusta Helicopters, Philadelphia, PA

Chief Test Pilot / Director of Flight Operations for Aguste’s expansion of their US operations. Review of staffing levels and started set up of administrative and operational procedures. Left when unable to renew flight physical.

National Test Pilot School – Branch Chief -Helicopter Program

Ground and flight Instructor on Helicopter engineering Flight test techniques. Developed lessons and taught classroom theory and practice of testing of helicopters for civil and military certification. Wrote exercise briefs for student exercises, marked reports and presentations. Set up exercises on variable stability simulator, wrote manuals on flight testing. Taught numerous students on short and professional level courses. Conducted training on civil certification procedures for new European aviation company. Consultant on avionics integration project. Flew Bell 0H-58C, UH-1N, Sikorsky S-55 and Hughes 500 helicopters, and various fixed wing aircraft.


Engineering Test Pilot, Transport Canada Aircraft Certification Branch

Conducted engineering flight tests on new designs (Bell 427, 407, 430) and modifications for airworthiness approval of Canadian registered helicopters. Reviewed flight manuals, supplements, test plans and results to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. Certified new Flight Management System for Canadian manufacturer for fixed wing and helicopters. Chairman of Transport Canada Navigation Database Integrity working group. Report of this committee widely quoted on the Bluecoat Digest for summarizing problem. Advised on helicopter accident investigation and development of new navigation systems (Differential GPS) Flew Department aircraft- Bell 206, Beech King Air. Treasurer of national trade union for government pilots, active in pay negotiations.


Principal Tutor Rotary Wind - International Test Pilots School, Cranfield England

Set up all aspects of complex Rotary wing test pilot course. Wrote stability and control and performance manuals. Taught courses on report writing, qualitative evaluation test techniques and practical aspects of avionics systems test and evaluations. Set up, ran and troubleshot a complex fixed wing variable stability flight simulator.

Principal Tutor Rotary Wind - International Test Pilots School, Cranfield England

Set up all aspects of complex Rotary wing test pilot course. Wrote stability and control and performance manuals. Taught courses on report writing, qualitative evaluation test techniques and practical aspects of avionics systems test and evaluations. Set up, ran and troubleshot a complex fixed wing variable stability flight simulator.


Aviation Licenses:          

FAA:      Helicopter / Fixed Wing

Airline Transport Pilot (IFR) Bell 206

Multi-engine Land with Instrument Rating

Canadian:            Helicopter/Fixed Wing   Commercial, multi-engine land and sea. Instrument rating

Bell 47, 206, 212; S-58T, S-61, SA 341, Chinook

UK CAA Helicopter/ATP (H) for Bell 206 and Gazelle helicopters














                            Gary Nicholas – Senior Associate


Gary comes to CFS & Associates, LLC with a diverse background in engineering both hardware/software including 26 years of CAD/CAM experience. He was the Chief Engineer at SIMAVIA USA and quite frankly the person most responsible for its success in building two AS350B2 flight training simulation devices. The attributes demonstrated in this position included:

  • understanding design intent/concepts,

  • modelling products and tools,

  • develop machining strategies,

  • programing machine tools of all types,

  • extending capabilities of incumbent systems,

  •  Creating software solutions for complex problems. This attribute alone coupled to his fabrication experience is the one of the key reasons sophisticated device, designed, developed, fabricated, and tested to ICAO specification,  was completed under budget and to a schedule that was quite challenging.

A lot of Gary’s experience is in the automobile industry however involved in the core development of new models in the auto industry transferred directly to overseeing the flight simulation project at SIMAVIA USA. He was able to lead a cadre of engineers, technicians, fabricators and support personnel because of his diverse projects in the auto industry.  Some of those projects included:

  • PolySurf, Solutioins-3000, GNC, PDGS, AutoCAD,(Mechanical-Desktop) 3-D wireframe, surface & solids modeling:

  • Digitizing of 2-D drawings, producing 3-D wireframe and surface CAD models.

  • Worked with surface patch tangents matching and weighting factors.

  • Utilized transformation matrices in CAD model creation and CNC machine programming.

  • CAD Software product demonstrations and training

  • Produced CNC product and tool programs used in various machining functions:

    • Turret lathes.

    • Wire EDM (2-axes and 4-axes).

    • Three-axes vertical and horizontal milling machines.

    • Five-axes routers used in clay model sculpting.

  • Conducted scheduled training of Ford Motor Corp. engineers in use of PDGS, specifically in use of PDGS-NC machining software.

  • Provided on-site training in use of GNC, PDGS and PDGS-NC software products to clients in Italy and Japan.

  • Engineered several "pre-processors":

  • Converted CAD data from various systems to a format compatible with in- house "PolySurf" system. (pre IGES)

  • Rasterization software which enabled a color "proof" image (up to three pages in length) of automotive and progressive die layout drawings, ultimately destined for expensive pen-plotters.

Lastly, Gary is a fixed –wing pilot Instrument rated and aircraft owner. His background in aviation made it an easy transition to the flight simulation environment and will be very important for any R & D efforts we perform.



Gary is a superior craftsman and a natural born leader. His diverse background suites him well. He is an expert in both hardware and software development, IT, manufacturing including digital manufacturing and the skillset of a master craftsman. CFS & Associates, LLC is extremely pleased that he is one of our team.

                            Bernardo Arce – Senior Associate

Bernardo has a BS Engineering from the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY and an MBA from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. His background includes exceptional experience with US markets. Using his understanding of Latin American culture he lead new ventures and the expansion of large company business units to include but not be limited to; new development, real estate, technology, local tax laws, labor laws, and logistics. Lastly Bernardo has played an active role in Latin America to include manufacturing to structured public financial instruments and turnaround of agro business operations for exporting markets. Bernardo resides in San Francisco Dos Rios, Costa Rica.






Central America Director

This is a security Swiss Company which develops technology to track and trace products that are highly regulated and pay a significant amount of taxes. The products are only sold to Governments. Among the tracking products for governments the company also offers immigration control technology and tracking of regulated medicines.

FLOREXPO (2009-2012)

General Manager

Responsible for the restructuring of this agribusiness industry that grew and developed technology of un-rooted cuttings for propagation and development in the United States and Europe.


Founder and General Manager

This is a Costa Rica consulting company where Bernardo served as the General Manager to help business developing in the Latin America region. He represented manufacturers from the United States and Europe and also IT service companies developing technology for those markets.

While President of this company, he represented international construction companies in the area, such as Skanska from Sweden, Vancouver Airport Authority and Solel Boneh from Israel.


As the Costa Rican Secretary of Transportation and Public Works and National Security Bernado reported to the President of Costa Rica.

While in Public Office he initiated the process of privatization of major public works and services, such as highways, airports and ports. Under his guidance the Government of Costa Rica issued the first BOO (build, own and operate) to build one of the main highways in the country.

As a Secretary of National Security he was instrumental in developing security services on the border with Nicaragua to control kidnapping and illegal drug operations. He also participated in the design of a coordinated effort to control traffic of drugs from Colombia to Costa Rica in the Pacific shore of Central America.



Chief Executive Officer

Bernardo led the expansion of this agribusiness group (2000 people) to the Central America Region, increasing sales by over 200%, during a very difficult economic and political situation in Central America. 



In this company Bernardo was given the opportunity to manage a 600 people operation which was concentrated in manufacturing of plastic packaging. He was successful in the expansion and control of the operation which allowed him to be considered for the Executive Director of the parent holding company.




Production Manager

Bernardo managed a 25 people manufacturing operation. While responsible for this operation he was also assigned the responsibility of expanding the market to the Central American Market.





                                            Major General Ret. Saeed Alhaznawi

                                                           Senior Associate


Major General (Ret.) Saeed Alhaznawi oversees all CFS efforts in Saudi Arabia & GCC from the Riyadh office.

 MG Alhaznawi has background experience as a fighter pilot and instructor of basic and advance pilot training. Additionally, he was assigned several positions in the RSAF to include: weapons and tactics instructor, squadron operation officer, squadron commander of fighter squadron, director of armament and munitions, director of operations and plans, director of command and operations center, assistant base commander, base commander of prince sultan air base, commander of central sector, and lastly, after retirement from the Military, he was an advisor to KACST for 10 years. MG Alhaznawi is now working as free lance consultant as part of CFS & Associates, and leads the efforts in KSA & GCC


King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) is a scientific government institution that supports and enhances scientific applied research. It coordinates the activities of government institutions and scientific research centers in accordance with the requirements of the development of the Kingdom.

As a  seasoned pilot, he is highly respected because he was the base commander for Sultan Air Base during the first Gulf War and worked hand in hand with GEN Norman Schwarzkopf as the leader of SA efforts. He works all high tech areas within SA & GCC with an emphasis on anything that relates to Aviation/Aerospace.


                                     Terry Palmer - Senior Associate

Terry Palmer has more than 30 years of experience in aviation safety and training and is the recipient of numerous awards, including Helicopter Association Intonation’s (HAI) 2010 Agusta Westland Safety Award and Association of Air Medical Services Airbus 2015 Jim Charlson Safety Award. Terry currently serves on the HAI Training and Safety Committees. 

Over the last ten years, Terry worked closely with the National Transportation Safety Board, FAA and insurance companies in the effort to raise the standard of training for helicopter operations. As the previous chair for the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) Training Work Group, she co-authored the International Helicopter Safety Team Training Toolkit. Terry holds an FAA Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land and is a Certified Flight Instructor Instruments (CFII)

Terry is Board member and aviation advisor for the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS) and a contributing author for “Safety and Quality in Medical Transport”. 

After more than a decade at FlightSafety International, Terry led a 6 year project for the Helicopter Flight Training Center, a simulator center dedicated to air medical operations. 


Terry is instrumental in advancing helicopter simulator training for FlightSafety, Coptersafety and Helism.


Lastly Terry has authored articles on training and simulation for many industry magazines including HAI’s Rotor Magazine, Vertical Magazine and Rotorcraft Professional Magazine.