About CFS & Associates, LLC

CFS is headquartered in Prescott, Arizona.

Founded in 1980,we are a small business that provides high technology firms with a means to cost effectively outsource requirements as well as provides a broad range of business development services.  Services have been primarily in the form of business development and marketing support to select small, medium, and large business enterprises.

Mike Coligny


Andy Burke
  • President & CEO of SIMAVIA USA, Inc., a flight simulator manufacturer focused on supplying flight training devices to Russia/CIS.

  • CEO of Aerosimulators USA. Developed and then implemented the strategic plan to take this Belgium Company that he co-founded and strategically position the company within the United States.

  • Co-founder, CEO, and COO, of FLYIT Simulators, Inc. located in Carlsbad, California, At FLYIT, Conceived and fabricated the 1st Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) and garnered FAA approval.

  • Co-founded Systems Engineering and Management Company in Carlsbad, California, expanding from 2 to 400 employees in five years. Semco was and still is an engineering and high technology manufacturing entity.

  • Lockheed California Company. Selected for Lockheed’s fast track management program and was designated a “VP Select” when he left to found his own company (SEMCO).

  • Mr. Coligny is an active pilot with over 12,000 hours logged and holds the following FAA licenses:  ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) Single and Multi – Engine Land and Sea, Certified Flight Instructor licenses: CFI, CFII, and CFIME. Additionally he holds a Commercial - Remote Pilot (sUAS) Certificate.

  • Accreditation: 8 time Master Certified Flight Instructor and has held the prestigious accreditation for over 14 years. Mike was granted with status of Master Instructor Emeritus as of July 1st, 2016.

  • Lastly, Mr. Coligny is an independent aviation journalist and has written numerous articles for aviation magazines to include but not be limited to: Rotorcraft Professional Magazine, Vertical Magazine, EAA, VAA, AOPA and ALEA.

Over 40 + years of high technology Executive Management and Business Development experience in the transportation, communications, engineering solutions, and services arena. Has worked and continues to work with mid-level and senior private sector personnel as well as DOD (USN/USMC/USAF/USCG/US Army), all lines of business at FAA including AFS-200/400/600/800. Also continue to work with like agencies in Europe; EASA and ICAO.


A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Andy is a highly qualified professional executive, offering extensive experience in customer facing leadership. 30+ years supporting Fortune 50 Aerospace companies in Business Development, Marketing, Strategic Planning and engineering outsourcing. 

  • Andy has an exceptional track record of successful sales to new clients, prime contractors, systems integrators directly to DOD and Foreign Military end users.

  • A top producer of engineering outsourcing, focused primarily in new logos and “White Space” initiatives. Responsible for all sales growth and short / long-term forecasting for many of the top aerospace companies in the US and International including South America, Europe, Asia & the Middle-East.

  • A self-disciplined learner with an outgoing personality with a high degree of initiative and drive. Exceptional at establishing relationships with new clients and closing deals. Understands the key for successful sales at new OEM, engine manufacturers and service organizations.

  • Accrued over $1.8B in sales over 28 years.

  • Lastly, Andy has the ability to see the big picture internationally, developing unique approaches and strategies capturing new  business by thinking outside the box.